volkl-cyclone-tennis-reel-RPM Dual Reel

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Restring Prices (includes material)
Natural Gut  
Babolat VS Touch Gut     $130
Natural Gut (Klip Legend)   $90

Babolat RPM Dual   $45

Cyclone Total Recoil Black (1.40mm)  $45
Cyclone Total Recoil Black(1.30mm)  $40
Cyclone Total Recoil White(1.30mm)  $40
Cyclone Black (1.25mm or 1.30mm)  $40
V Pro Hurricane Gold  $35
Hexplosion Blue (1.28mm)    $35
Hexplosion Red (1.28mm)    $35

Synthetic Gut
Power Fibre II Gold (1.30mm)   $45
Power Fibre II Black (1.30mm)   $45
Synthetic Gut with Duraflex Gold  $35
Classic Synthetic Gut Black $345
Classic Synthetic Gut White $35
Classic Synthetic Gut Gold $35
Babolat Synthetic Gut (1.30mm)  $30
Available in orange, blue & optic yellow
ATP Silver Synthetic Gut  (1.35mm)  $30
Dunlop Gold Synthetic Gut  (1.30mm)  $30
Prince Tournament Synthetic (1.35mm) $30
ATP Natural Nylon  (1.30mm)   $25

I also string Squash & badminton Racquets.

Need a new Grip or Overwrap?
New Replacement grips - $12 to $16
Overwrap $4 Free fitting

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