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Adult Group Lessons
Suitable for All Standards
Days & Times TBD
Adult Group Lessons are held in the evenings after work hours. We try to arrange the groups by standard where at all possible. Stroke production, drills, strategy, positioning, and point play are included. The term is 8 weeks, which leaves a couple of weeks to make up lessons missed due to inclement weather. If you haven't played much before and are keen to get into competition, then this will be a good start.

  • 1 Hour Lessons - ~ 4 players per group.
  • Arrange your own Group or single entry.
  • A Class is held on … evening TBD after work.
  • Organised on a Term Basis (8 Weeks)

Private Lessons
Suitable for All Standards
Private or Semi-Private Lessons.
Private Lessons are ideal for rapid improvement, fixing stroke problems and developing a game plan to suit your strengths, and hide your weaknesses. Besides all this you will get the benefit of hitting with a coach.
The personalized attention means you get to fix any stroke problems – fast, and your lesson can be geared to improve your movement around the court.

  • Half or Full Hour
  • By yourself or bring a friend to share the cost.
  • At times as arranged.
  • Daytime, Evening
  • Organised on a Week to Week or Term Basis

Cardio Tennis - an adult workout class
Suitable for All Standards    A new way of getting your "Tennis Fix"
Arrange your own Group or Single Entry More Tennis … Less Time
Can book on a week to week basis   Improve your doubles play

Cardio Tennis is a one hour, fast paced, fun, coach led session for Adults, that covers a wide variety of shots based around doubles play.
It's a great way for adults to hit a lot of balls in a short time, perfect for those of us that are time poor. If you are sick of the gym & aerobics, this is a new way to get fit, lose weight and get your tennis "fix".  The focus is on competitive drills.  Fitness is a by product.  Cardio doubles has minimal coaching.

Who does Cardio Tennis? 
Men & Women who have played before, and don't have time to play competitions.
We also have a beginner class on an evening TBD
Mixed classes are popular.  Organise your whole team to come to a class.
Adults looking to improve their fitness but are tired of gym workouts.
People who cannot commit to regular attendance.

        • 1 Hour Sessions / Up to 6 per class
        • Book on a week to week basis.
        • Discount for booking a term session block.
        • Check with Chris for available session times
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